Dance & Fitness Mobile Services

Let's dance and sweat together! Offering in-person dance and fitness services in Tri-county, Gainesville, and surrounding areas. Ready to book your groove session? Reach out for inquiries and let's make those moves happen!

Bring the excitement of dance and fitness right to your doorstep with my mobile services!

I'm coming to you, whether it's your backyard, a local park, or any venue of your choice. Experience the joy of convenient workouts without the need to travel. My mobile fitness sessions include dance, workouts, and loads of fun. Get ready to move, groove, and unleash your inner fitness Rockstar all in the convenience of your own space. Tailored specifically for you, your team, group, or event!

Small and large groups, private sessions, and events.

Contact for inquiries and booking.


Tri-county, Gainesville, and surrounding areas.

Dance & Fitness Mobile Services 


Dance Fitness (dance cardio, barre, etc)

Indoor Cycling

Drumming Cardio

Water Aerobics


Strength Training

Senior Fitness

Kids Fitness

Exercise Therapy



Hip Hop

Chair Dance Burlesque/Heels


Wedding Party Dance


Dance Competitions


Talent Show


Wedding Party Dance

Couples Wedding Dance

Special Events

Community Events

Team Buildings


Kids/Themed Dance Party

School Health Fairs

Afterschool Activities

Senior Activities

Bachelorette/Girls Night : Chair Dance /Heels (Adults Only)

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Shara "Bird" LaColla

I am a certified Group Fitness instructor with a lifelong passion for dance. I specialize in crafting enjoyable, compelling, and efficient fitness programs that are customized for both individuals and groups, considering their unique physical capabilities and personal preferences.


Dance & Fitness Instructor | 20+ Years Experience